PMT Service – We Support, Consult, Maintain and Calibrate

Count on us – even after the sale! ParticleSentry/PMT provides exactly the service support that you need in daily production. We offer comprehensive service capabilities delivered by our experienced and well trained engineers including system design, installation and validation consultation, and sensor calibration in-house and on-site.

ParticleSentry Services

Fingerprint Development and Sample Testing

With a simple exchange of images from your flow-imaging microscopy or background membrane imaging platform, we can develop and test a Fingerprint of your sample. Our service includes a comprehensive report detailing your test results and a graphic representation of the Fingerprint. This Fingerprint is transferrable to any ParticleSentry AI system.

Batch-to-batch Comparison

With a Fingerprint, we can easily compare images from other production lots. The comparison identifies shifts in morphology characteristics of particles in different samples. With your images, we quickly develop the Fingerprint from your initial product and work with you moving forward comparing image data from subsequent production. This service includes a comprehensive report detailing your test’s results and graphic images of the Fingerprint and comparison of batch results.

Stability Testing

We have testing protocols to replicate pH upset, shaking upset and pump induced stress. Using your sample material, we produce a Fingerprint and conduct any combination of these stress tests to help characterize the products’ response to a given stressor. Our service includes a comprehensive report with graphic images of the Fingerprint and test results, and details on the testing protocol.

System Services

Calibrations and Repairs to ISO 21501-4 and ISO 17025, and System Maintenance Services.

In addition to the distribution of high quality instruments for particle monitoring and microbial detection, PMT Service offers:

  • In-house and on-site calibrations of AeroTrak particle counters, EMTEK P100 microbial samplers, Vaisala HMW temperature/relative humidity sensors, freezer/fridge/incubator temperature probes and differential pressure sensors.
  • Fully traceable calibrations according to ISO 21501-4 for optical light scattering particle counter
  • Rapid in-house turnaround of calibrations of TSI AeroTrak and EMTEK P100/V100 models
  • Experienced experts who can offer professional support through constant training
  • ISO 17025 Accreditation for particle counter and microbial air sampler calibrations
  • System Maintenance for hardware components, system infrastructure and software
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System Support Agreements

Aside from reliable, expedient Calibration Services, we also provide the comfort of having us on your team whenever you need us. For the reassurance of guaranteed response time to issues and troubleshooting, or just follow up questions, concerns or additional training, contact us for more information about a System Support Plans.

Expert Validation Services: On time and on budget

PMT’s expertise in Cleanroom Monitoring Systems extends beyond Design and Installation.  Our team of engineers can also work with your staff to develop all of the documentation for a comprehensive validation of your monitoring system. From URS and Design Documentation to IQ/OQ, PMT takes the worry out of having all of the documentation necessary to meet GMP Validation Standards.

Our fast and efficient validation services insure that from system conceptualization to final commissioning, the process of automating your cleanroom monitoring is smooth, cost effective and timely.