In business since 2010, PMT (USA) LLC is a full-service micro-contamination system integrator and instrument distributor located in Longmont, Colorado. We specialize in instruments and systems to help manufacturers detect, identify and control contamination in their manufacturing processes and clean environments. Our primary industrial focus is on pharmaceutical, biotechnology, aerospace, electronics and semiconductor industries. We represent a full range of instrumentation to detect airborne particulate, foreign object debris (FOD), surface contamination, microbial sampling and rapid microbial detection methods. Our team has a collective experience of almost 300 years in contamination monitoring, automation systems, design, integration, service and calibration. This experience, coupled with our range of instrumentation allows us to create solutions to solve difficult micro-contamination problems. As a result, we are uniquely qualified to provide innovative solutions – like ParticleSentry.

ParticleSentry software is rooted in particle science and delivers cutting-edge innovation and process analytical technology for the biopharma industry. Combining drug sample imaging, artificial intelligence and computational statistics, ParticleSentry will revolutionize the protein drug industry.